Who Do I Call When I’m Downsizing?

Matthew LafontaineAdvice, Planet Realty

Downsizing moves are becoming more and more popular as the population ages and builders create smaller and more efficient homes. This means that our “stuff”, which we’ve spent years accumulating, has nowhere to go in the next house or condo. Whether you’re downsizing to take some equity of your home or moving to a more practically sized abode, there are more and more businesses designed to help with the process.

Planet Realty has gone to lengths to create a program of experts in various aspects of the process and to provide an all-encompassing Universal Program to aid with the transition. Recently, Planet hosted a pair of seminars to introduce these downsizing specialists and showcase their expertise to their friends and clients.

Fiona Hill Downsizing is a company founded by its namesake owner, Fiona Hill. Fiona began her business after finding a love for the process in aiding her own father in a downsizing move. She began to understand the struggle many homeowners face when trying to relocate their lives after extended stays in their current homes. She aids in the process of sorting & separating things of value from saleable items and junk; an overwhelming task for people with the busy lives most of us lead. The help carries throughout the move, as her and her team can pack and unpack the entire house and leave you at the new home, ready to go.

Mike Kelso of Kelso & Company is a local auctioneer with a business clientele that spans much of the province while engaging buyers around the world. In the online age, Mike has developed an auction program that promotes & showcases a home’s contents to an expanding database of buyers, without ever displacing the items in your home. Online auctions are proving time and again that they’ve become the most effective and efficient means to achieve the maximum value for a home’s contents. If there’s an overflow of this and that to go to the new home, Mike and his team are the best to call in order to make some room and some money at the same time.

Beyond the Stage Homes is a cutting-edge home staging company leading the way on the latest trends and strategies in home staging. As today’s buyers are far more savvy and enter the market with sky-high expectations, they can capture attention and command positive first impressions. The psychology behind home staging has proven time and again to sell houses faster than their un-staged counterparts, creating a savings and peace-of-mind for those who enlist their services. As the company with the largest local warehouse inventory, Beyond the Stage is more than capable of delivering a unique feel for your home that’s sure to impress anyone who walks through the door.

As a package, this group of experts is a surefire key to a successful move. Their products and services are perfect complements to each other and create a complete plan for the downsizing move from start to finish. Contact each of them today to see how they can be of service to you in your next move!