The new-look is connecting buyers & sellers like never before!

Tyson HinschbergerAdvice, For Buyers

RealtorCaThe search for a new home has never been easier. With an abundance of local experts, multimedia online, social media and more, information is plentiful, and opinions are too. Through it all though, the tried and true go-to source, the MLS, is as strong and helpful as ever.

MLS stands for the Multiple Listings Service, a dynamic database for listing brokerages to advertise their current offerings with current & accurate information. It not only offers the greatest degree of detail on properties, but photos, virtual tours, WalkScores and much more. Plus, as a buyer, you know that the information you get from the MLS has been vetted by the listing brokerage first-hand, ensuring accuracy & accountability from the other side of your purchase.

So, just how popular is the MLS?

The MLS’ cornerstone public website, is the most consulted national real estate source in Canada, with 97% of the site’s visitors using as their primary or secondary outlet for viewing property listings. This is further cemented by the fact that 41% of’s traffic comes from direct visitors, or those clicking directly through to the site from the address bar in their web browser.

Why is this?

Considering the reasons above- the accuracy and volume of information, it’s no question is a useful buyer tool. But it’s also how the information is brought to you that is of value. The redesigned interface allows house shoppers to search by price; number of bedrooms, bathrooms; location and more. It also allows buyers to search keywords within cities, to narrow down their target areas. The site also affords a low-pressure outlet for buyers to view the listing information at any stage of their search. Even though 47% of are “seriously hunting”, the majority is out collecting information or window shopping. It’s a great way to get a pulse on the market without commitment.

Now, not only is a great place to shop for houses, it’s a great place to shop for Realtors too. As a buyer, or seller, you can browse listings in your area to get a feel for which Realtors may be best suited to service your needs- whether it’s a downtown condo or suburban detached, different salespeople have different strengths and weaknesses. Realtor profiles have been integrated into the site to showcase a salesperson’s portfolio of current listings all in one place.

Socially,’s presence Is tremendous as well. Stats show that site visitors share with their Realtor, co-buyer, friends & family when zeroing in on their new home. Plus, social media sites have been a haven for listings, with sites like Facebook seeing 18 visits to per share.

So, whether you’re a buyer looking for a tool to aid in finding your next home, or a seller looking for the best venue to showcase your property, the choice is clear. The value in Realtors & their respective access to is unrivaled. If you’re actively shopping, planning a move, or just browsing your city, get out there and enjoy the search on!