Selling Your Home This Year?

Karen KesselAdvice, Planet Realty

The real estate market has been hot.  Homes and condos are being listed and sold within a few days, often with multiple buyers bidding.  So how do you set yourself apart from other properties for sale?  Most buyers are working within a limited budget, so purchasing a new home that is freshly up-dated is a huge motivator.  First impressions count with buyers. When it comes to selling your home, no house is perfect, but the right enhancements and repairs can make a world of difference when a motivated buyer is in a position to write up an Offer!

Usually, the winning strategy is to go after the biggest problems before selling your home. Those include roof repair, heating and cooling systems, or wiring and plumbing issues. But what if those things are in great shape? If you have funds available you could invest in targeted projects that don’t take long to show results.  They can impress prospective buyers and give you negotiating power to get the price you really want. 

Take a look at five of the best fast fixes before selling your home:

  1. New Flooring
    Flooring can transform a room’s appearance with lighter flooring tending to make a space look bigger – especially when paired with plenty of natural light. If any of your floors are looking tired, consider laying new laminate flooring. Laminate comes in various colors and styles, is cost-effective per square foot, and is easy to lay yourself. This weekend DIY project can make a big difference in how “new” your home looks.
  1. Update (and Simplify) Your Landscaping
    In spring and summer, mulch serves as a powerful secret weapon to make your yard more appealing. Heaped around your trees and shrubs and in your planting beds, it encourages healthy growth while allowing you to water a little less. Remove older bushes that are overgrown and trim trees.  A new planter at the front door with a colourful flower basket is a welcoming feature.
  1. Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Makeover
    No time or funds for a huge kitchen renovation? You don’t need to upgrade your entire kitchen when selling your home. Updated kitchen cabinets are a wonderful way to grab attention without spending too much. Instead of buying all new cabinets, consider replacing the hardware and/or countertop and clean all the doors and shelves thoroughly. 
  1. Replace Your Bathroom Fixtures
    It may only cost a few hundred dollars to replace bathroom fixtures and hardware, such as your sink’s faucet and handles, but the impact it has when walking into a room is worth it. Be thorough!  Don’t forget about the handles on your bathroom cabinets, tub fixtures, and your showerhead, and maybe a new light fixture. 
  1. Fresh Coat of Paint – Inside & Out!
    Other than your roof, exterior paint makes the biggest splash in curb appeal. If you are targeting to list in the spring, it is an ideal time to align your exterior with the most popular colors in your neighborhood so your home looks fresh and tidy. For an added touch of class, paint your front door in a complementary color – or replace it with a sturdier one.  

Interior painting in a light neutral colour can make any space look and feel clean. With so many modern colours to choose from, your home will be on trend for the cost of a few cans of paint. 

As you get ready for selling your home, it’s important to balance your investment with expected returns in the form of a higher asking price.  Having your home on the market is never convenient, however if you need a smart strategy to prepare your home for sale, Planet Realty can work with you through the entire process.  Our goal is to bring as many qualified buyers to your home, in the least amount of time to achieve the best price and terms for you! Connect with us today and take advantage of our experience.  We keep the process smart and easy!