RiverHouse’s Presence Grows

Karen KesselDowntown Guelph, Real Estate News

RHMarch25With sales set to surpass 90%, it’s been well-documented that RiverHouse Condominiums has been a great success. Once sales wrap up, attention will quickly shift to the progress on the physical structure at RiverHouse.

The building can now be seen from various locations around the downtown core, a number which grows with each additional level. The sight plain should soon extend all the way to the Gordon St. Hill, and Cutten Fields over the summer.

There is also hoarding surrounding the site now, which is in place due to the growing height of the building. Such sidewalk protection is mandated once a construction project reaches a maximum height. In an effort to go beyond the traditional bare plywood, Tricar has partnered with the Downtown Guelph art community and is featuring local street art designs all along the corner of Macdonell and Woolwich Streets. It’s been a great way to showcase the local talent in a non-traditional way.

The hoarding is just one of a number of ways Tricar and RiverHouse have immersed themselves in the Guelph community. They’ve also been proud sponsors of the Guelph Storm this season, and have a strong presence in local events and publications.

In another show of Tricar’s investment in the Guelph community, this banner (picutred) was flown from the RiverHouse crane above the funeral procession for Const. Jennifer Kovach this past week. It just goes to show how development in Guelph’s downtown can have many positive spillover effects when done well. And in this case, it’s been fantastic.


Photo Credit: @MarcCarcGlobal via Twitter