RiverHouse Construction Update- February 21st

Matthew LafontaineDowntown Guelph, Real Estate News


RiverHouse Suites Start to Take Shape!

Interior walls are now being set into place on the 3rd floor of RiverHouse, marking the beginning of actual suite construction. The exterior walls will be set back from the walls previously built on the North, East and West sides of the building. This leaves room for the extended terraces that accompany the third floor suites; a design feature that allows the customization of an exterior to the owner’s liking (Click here for some stunning terrace ideas).

There will be 8 suites on the 3rd floor of RiverHouse. Each layout is unique in its exterior, but some RiverHouse floor plans can only be found on the 3rd floor. The Douglas and Wilson for example, are one-offs unique to this level and offer their owners the opportunity to own a condo unlike any other.

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