Guelph Jazz Festival- A rich, cultural experience with a history of success

Karen KesselDowntown Guelph, Special Events

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Today marks the beginning of the 18th annual Guelph Jazz Festival, a celebration of jazz music which has garnered international acclaim. According to the UK’s The Wire, the festival is “an essential stop on the North American festival circuit for lovers of creative improvised music”. And whether the praise comes from overseas or our own backyard, one thing’s for sure: This many people can’t be wrong.

The festival runs through until Sunday at a variety of venues around the city. On Saturday afternoon, there is a free jazz tent located in the heart of downtown for anyone wishing to come and enjoy a taste of the music. Other events and venues come in all shapes and sizes, with different capacities and price tags to match.

The marquee event of the festival, Nuit Blanche, begins on Saturday night from 7pm and runs until 7am on Sunday morning. Covering a variety of different jazz interpretations, there are over 50 acts and events to take it around the city. With a slew of downtown locations taking part, the sounds of the festival will surely flow freely through the empty streets of the core, right through the wee hours of the morning.

For a complete list of all the events, visit! Hope to see you there!