Condos & Cottaging: The Perfect Combination

Karen KesselAdvice, Downtown Guelph, Planet Realty

Working in the real estate business, you get to hear the same stories and sentiments echoed again and again, and there’s an interesting one I’ve heard more frequently of late. It seems that condo buyers are looking to make it easier to get away for the weekend. And after seeing the number of traffic tie-ups this past weekend, it’s no wonder everyone wants to get away as quickly as they can.

Every weekend we get trapped into doing the chores that we didn’t have time for during the week. Let’s be honest, after a hard day’s work, are we lining up to weed the lawn and get the trash ready for the curb? I’d venture a guess that most of us are certainly not. And just because we don’t do it during the week, doesn’t mean we’re chomping at the bit to get to it first thing Saturday morning either.

Whether you travel to a cottage, trailer, boat or just like to get away for the weekend, condos make it incredibly easy to do, especially compared to other forms of home ownership. With a condo, there’s no running around to do on a Friday night -or if you get lucky- afternoon. You can leave work, hop in the car, and beat all those other weekend warriors who have to cut the grass, go get the mail and set their home alarm. Common expenses paid to a condo corporation relieve the burden felt by home-owners to maintain their property inside and out, while ensuring everything is safe and secure while they’re hours away relaxing.

After hearing feedback from buyers, one thing has become clear: you can’t have it all. If you want the big house and the cottage, you have to put in the time. And as I’ve seen, something’s had to give. And from those who gave up the house for their weekend paradise, I’ve heard nothing but great things. It’s the peace-of-mind and relaxation factor that only condo ownership can offer. If a cottage is your thing, consider giving a condo a try too; they’re the perfect combination.